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You Might Be Raising An Asshole If...

You might be Raising an Asshole is a collection of over one hundred humorous, but strikingly honest, parental behaviors associated with assholeness in kids, from tiara-toting toddlers to entitled teenage tyrants. This book was written to help parents call a spade a spade because the easy way out can bite you in the ass.

In our overly indulgent, electronics-obsessed society, raising kind-hearted kids is a daunting endeavor. No baby is born an asshole, but some have more asshole potential than others. In this straight-up, hilarious book, Sarah Anderson and Katherine Quie highlight over a hundred parenting behaviors that contribute to assholeness in kids. They encourage us to take a stand against over- parenting with raw, honest humor.

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Book Reviews – What Our Customers Are Saying

Erin Savage

In this day-in-age age where children receive participation trophies for just showing up to eat orange slices on the sidelines, it is crucial that we not spoil them to the point of assholeness. Entitlement breeds assholeness. Assholes could possibly end up financially successful, but without friends or joy in their lives. This book is paramount to helping our society groom happy and enjoyable children. No one likes assholes; even polished, well-groomed, talented, decorated assholes are frowned upon. Read this book to help open your eyes and perhaps your assholes as well ( sorry couldn’t help but write that) to learn how best to guide your child away from a life of assholeness.

Erin Savage, Austin, Texas

Adriane Arnold

This book is a one-two punch to our current cultural norm of kid-centric parenting… and it’s the mirror that we need held up!  Now feels like time for the pendulum to swing back in the other direction.  Thank you for having the expertise and conviction to call a spade a spade!

In today’s world of lawn mower parenting, it is refreshing – and essential – for parents to get a reminder and validation that we aren’t required to do and be everything for our kids, all the time.  The thoughts and professional words of advice are lighthearted illustrations of a very profound message.  Thank you Sarah and Katherine for having the guts and expertise to stand up and remind us that enough is enough!

Adriane Arnold, Houston, Texas

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Lori Riskin

I enjoyed the light-hearted approach to the significant issues surrounding rasing an a-hole.  Some wisdoms, I patted myself on the back for not doing, others I cringed because I did it so often!  If any of my kids have an above-average a-hole potential, I am now armed with witty insights to go to combat. Considering how often my kids really don’t like me, maybe the battle is half-way won!

Lori Riskin, Seattle, Washington

Dawn Schulberg

Kudos to Sarah and Katherine for having the guts to write this book and enlighten all of us on the so many faux pas parenting skills that we have ignorantly embraced. Straight talk… with humor! This book is a wake-up call for all parents so that we can begin raising our children to be kind, caring, engaged members of society. A must read!

Dawn Schulberg

Brenda Hartman, MSW, LICSW

This book is a MUST-READ for all parents who are interested in understanding how their parenting impacts their children.

Brenda Hartman, MSW, LICSW

Karen Miller, Ph.D.,L.P.

While this book may not be for everyone, everyone should read this book. I’ve never met a kid who is an A**hole, yet so many adults are! Sarah and Katherine’s book takes a humorous look at the common “parenting traps” we ALL fall into that may inadvertently contribute to this less than desirable outcome. This book encourages us to support our kids through their struggles and rejoice in their resiliency.

Karen Miller, Ph.D.,L.P.

Christie Cuttell, MSW, LICSW

EVERYONE needs to read this book. Parents, soon to be parents, wanna be parents, never wanna be parents, EVERYONE. These statements are about all of us not raising, promoting, encouraging or being assholes. Each chapter and quote serve as reminders for all of us; what it is to be kind, grateful, genuine and independent humans. As parents our job is to grow functioning, law abiding, gracious and kind adults….. not to raise bigger children.

The world is full of tall, full grown children walking around trying to make it in the world. We don’t need more. This book is a great place to start! Read it, take it in and more over, LIVE it out loud.

– Christie M. Cuttell, MSW, LICSW and MOT (Mother of Three)

Megan Vertin, MA, LMFT

Believe it or not, the purpose of this book isn’t to define kids as assholes. The authors aren’t THAT mean. This book is about well-intentioned parents who love their kids and sometimes show it in ways that actually end-up working against them, and society, in the long-run. Sarah Anderson and Katherine Quie have written a hilarious, psychobabble-free, must-read guide for anyone interested in promoting kids who, through kindness, interdependence and grit, will shape our futures. Read this book and learn from two of the best!

– Megan Vertin, MA, LMFT


Brigitte N. King, Ph.D.

A laugh-out-loud reflection on parenting in 2018, calling all of us parents out on the missteps and parenting traps that are so easy to fall into. Provides practical, succinct guidance on raising kids in the era of entitlement. The authors know what they’re taking about, and offer their parenting advice in a humorous, quick-to-read, and down-to-earth manner. A definite must-read for all parents who want to raise happy, healthy kids and families!

Brigitte N. King, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist (and parent of 2)

I am a mother of

I am a mother of two very active teen daughters and I have a demanding full-time job. This book provided much need laughter and reassurance that I am doing a great job, until I hit certain pages and went “Oh crap, I do this!” It has so many reminders that as parents we might not see when we are in the midst of raising humans. I read a couple to my 14 year old that actually resulted in real conversations about our relationship. ANY book that results in real conversations with teens must be amazing or contain magic or both. When my daughters do not like something I am doing as a parent, I hold up the book and say, “I refuse to raise a**holes!” Buy the book and keep it with you when you need a little magic, and empowerment, and reassurance, and reminders that may cause you a little discomfort.

Christine Thornborrow

Teens love it

Reading this book WITH your teens is great too! We read it out loud, which prompted both laughter and….reflection!

Libby Martin

It is so refreshing to

It is so refreshing to have someone say these things out loud! So many of us have these same thoughts and can get caught up in believing we are alone in our thinking. It’s eapecially difficult to go against the grain of society and try to raise a non-a hole so it’s best to stay surrounded with an intelligent tribe. This book doesn’t judge or tell anyone what to do; it simply states the facts and gives permission to do the right thing. I think it’s clear that these authors can also laugh at themselves and admit we’ve all fallen victim to making bad choices at one time or another. We are all in this together!

Steph jacobsma